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well the sensation in the pedal appears to be normal. Rock solid, and the car stops on a dime. the problem appears to be either a pad/rotor issue. I've driven cars with air in the brake line and it does not fell the same as my brakes do. When there is air in the brakes, I generally feel a hard pedal that is a bit squishy, and the car appears to be not braking as well. My case is that the car brakes great, there is just a ton of brake dust ont he left wheel and that grinding noise. I have a feeling its pads or rotors.

Does anyone have the part numbers for the pads / rotors? or will the fastlane at partsshop have the info. if I am going to replace the rotors, is there a better rotor to use? I'm not concerned with brake dust I'll just clean the wheels more often, but I would like to improve the stopping power with the right pads for the car.

Mine has the dual piston calipers ont he front.

If replacing the rotors, will rotors from another benz work or is that playing with fire to try hat?

Sorry for the long post and questions, I just want to make sure I take care of the problem as quickly as possible.

thanks so far for the info in your responses, I will definately pull the wheel and inspect further, maybe even pull the pads and check them, but I dont necessarily know if its a good idea to pull them and put them back in. I should probably order new pads. the rotors from appearance appear quite thick, though the inner side might be more worn, and the grinding might be the caliper against the inside of the rotor.

I will investigate further, if you have any more tips, please feel free to share more knowledge with me.

I probbaly wont be working thursday and friday, so I should be able to get more info on what I can see in the braking system.

If I am going to change the rotors if they are needed, should I repack the wheel bearings at the same time or is that a given?



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