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mountain from molehill - off species topic...

I was set to do a brake fluid purge on our three vehicles this past weekend. Started with the m'home. Could not access the bleed nipple with bleeder hose on rear duallies, and NOT about to remove two sets f those in 100+ heat. Abandonned, and went on to Honda, in the garage. Rears are drums in that, and I haven't done drum brakes in at least 15 years. I pulled the right rear drum and checked the linings et al, then used the drum as a convenient pedestal to set the fluid drain jar upon. Told my wife to start pumping the brake while I got ready to bleed it.

POP, squish, .... oh s___!

How to turn a simple brake bleed into a complete rear corner brake job in 2 seconds.

If my next foray into drum brakes is in another 15 yrs, I can guarantee ONE mistake I won't make twice.


p.s., never made it to the 190E.
'91 MB 190E 2.3
'08 RAV4 Ltd 3.5
'83 Lazy Daze m'home 5.7
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