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Ok, well here is the rundown: Replaced: Oil, filter, plugs, timing chain, guide rails, belts, motor mounts/shocks, coolant (MB)....and I think that is it as far as things pertaining to the engine. Ran great, started like never before after the new chain (good way, didn't hardly crank, just fired up)....ran great for a while, classic rough idle again though, but still started fine. Took it into the tech asking him to "tune" the engine, make sure everything checked out and seeing what he could do about the idle. The CO had already been adjusted up previously and he said that the current plugs were not hot enough to burn the extra fuel. So he adjusted the CO again and then the put in a hotter set of plugs (Bosch copper). Ran awesome when I got it back. Very slight bad idle....very pleased with the improvement. This is where he said again that the only way to really make it run well is to get the top end cleaned out and re-adjust the CO down. But anyway...ran fine....then like a said before a week or two later it's been having this "chug" when starting, which it has never ever done before. The idle is a liiiittle rougher than when I first got it back, but not much. But the idle here is not my's the start.
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