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400SE, How tight ;should serp. belt be?

I just looked at and test drove a 92 400SE.

I was puzzled by how loose the fan/acc. belt was. I could move belt up an down easily 2 or more inches up and that amount down, the adjuster mechanism idler pully would move in and out. I was able to do this with one finger and thumb. Maby only 10 or 15 lbs of pressure would move the belt. ??? Is this normal?
My 300E is MUCH tighter than this, you might be able to deflect the belt .5 inch by tugging 3-4 times harder than was required on that 400SE.

To my surprise on the test drive there was no belt noise AND the AC unit seemed to work OK. ??

Another difference was at idle the oil pressure was only 1/2 bar and would only rise to 3 Bar (full gauge) if Tach was 2300 or higher. Is this normal for the 119.xx engines? It seemed very low compared to what I am accustomed to seeing on my 87 300E.

Car has 91,000 miles showing but interior was a little rougher than I thought was normal for that mileage.

Can any one who has this type of car give some insight about the belt tensioner and the ? low oil pressure.

I have never driven any MB except (2) 300E's, mine and another of a friends, but I was really expecting much more acceleration from the 119.xx engine. I know this car is heaver than my 300E, but it was way down from what I hoped for. Very quiet and no unusal engine sounds, with a very smooth idle, but mushy and slow throddle response.

Any advise or comments would be appreciated . Asking price (starting) was 14.5K. I didn't ask any more since I was not talking to the actual owner, but only to a man who operates a car detail shop and was attempting to sell it for the owner.

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