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Yet another S600 Question..

Every six months or so I ponder a replacement for my very happy and trusty 260E. I always end up gravitating to the W140 S500 or S600 sedans, with the 600 currying the most favor since I like the idea of a V12.

If I buy that car I understand that my fuel bills will be high, but I accept that. What really concerns me are potentially catastrophic maintenance issues.

Mechanically - body, suspension (?) etc. I realize the car is identical to an S500 and should not be more costly in that respect. The engine - or perhaps I should say "engines" -- since the V12 is two sixes joined together - is what concerns me since, from my research, it seems to have two of many engine accessories - coils, distributors, etc. What engine components does it have two of, and what does it only one of? (I would imagine a single, albeit much beefier starter, for example.)

I am wondering how truly reliable the car is so I don't walk into a nightmare with my eyes wide open. I do not object to routine maintenance, and the additional cost for the V12, but I would not want the car being out of commission for more than a day. I suspect that few mechanics/technicians are qualified to work on it, but, at the risk of being presumptuous, I cannot see how an intelligent technician could be challenged by working on what is essentially two six cylinder engines joined together.

Your good thoughts and experiences are welcome and appreciated. Oh, and the years I am looking at are 1995 and 1996 (I love the pre-97 body style).
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