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Your good thoughts and experiences are welcome and appreciated.
If it's GOOD thoughts and experiences you want, i am sorry I can not help.

Repeat after me: "I do not want the glory wagon. I do not want a 140 chassis, especially with the V12. I want something elllllse.
Maybe a nice E420. Maybe a nice E430. Not a 140. Nooooooo 140!! No Veeeeeetwelllllllvvvve!!!"


ps Although much of the technology is shared with the M104, it's not really accurate saying that the M120 is a pair of 6 cylinder engines.
Some things I can think of that are duplicated are the engine control modules, ignition control modules, throttle motors (and control units for the throttle motors), intake manifolds, that's about it other than the real obvious things (heads, exhaust manifolds etc. It IS a V12 engine though, just 1 block.

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