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fuel sender

You are correct. The tank is right behind the vertical bulkhead in the trunk. The electrical connection came off easily. The large nut holding the sender in was hard to remove. My channel locks are too small. I used a pipe wrench with tape on the jaws. It was tight in my opinion. When reinstalling it I did not tighten it near as much as before. The seal system looked very positive. The sender came out and dripped a little-not bad. There was no screw at the bottom I could remove. The whole sender is a slim, perhaps 1.5" diameter aluminum cylinder with a white plastic head. The bottom was a black piece of plastic with a small, 4-5 mm, recessed nut. The nut had a small amount of screw protruding. I did not want to twist the white plastic top part while holding the cylinder to try to loosen the bottom. I decided to just spray some Chemtool carb cleaner down into the sender and hope. I only saw one bounce today after reassembly. I should be seeing more now and will watch closely
Can you tell me a way to take the sender apart? Do you know how tight the senderr loking nut should be?
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