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You'll absorb soooo much tradition during the first month. Midnight yell practices the night before every game and of course the obligatory kiss everytime the Aggies score (don't tell your Dad ).

Living on campus, but not in the Corps = Non-reg, but even the non-regs adhere to many of the Old Corps traditions. My home was Moore Hall, over by Northgate, close to Sbisa and right across the street from Charlie's (geedunk - convienence store). Parking was a real mess back in the 70's with only 28K students, has to be horrible now. Back then Kyle Field was still a horseshoe stadium, and only two decks high. Now it could host a pro game.

Remember, Highway 6 runs both ways. You'll hear that a lot.

Be sure to let me, and any other Aggies on the board how things are going. Also let us in on any new "Rock the Good Ag" jokes.
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