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its a hot one out there!

heres the scoop. The fan clutch goes south causing poor radiator flow, inturn taking out the T-stat,engine gets real hot t-stat stick partially open or closed. first thing and always least expensive,repl t-stat,bleed cooling system,these engine are notorious for air pockets, once you do this 1st step. Replenish your coolant run it about 2000 rpms for 3-4 minutes with the defrost switch, should start getting nice and warm in the interior right away,after that observe the temp guage see what the fans are doing, the aux fans turn on @ 110 degree f,the viscous fan turns on or around about 95 degree C..

Also hot tip. The V-12 viscous fans acutally are a direct bolt on, and this fan clutch comes on sooner,since the v-12s run hot. instead of 95 i thinks its like 87-90 C. also there have been guys who have modifed the bi metalic spring to kick thev fans on sooner. I forget who did that.

This is just my 2 cents form being on the line and diagnosing these complaints.

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