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Angry Key stuck in ignition tumbler

Hi Friends

For the past couple of months, I have the problem of getting my key out from the tumbler. It is not the key problem as I have the same experience with all my keys(new or old). I can get my keys out if I tap the key numerous times when it is stuck in the tumbler. It is always the finishing turn on the switching off of the engine that I could not turn the key completely to '0' to get the key out.

Just got the tumbler replaced with a set of brand new keys. Problem still exists!!. No problem with starting the car. Only alot of problems with getting the key out of the tumbler. Is it something else that is giving way soon? I hate to be stranded somewhere far away with the car that would not start when I need my car to bring me back home. Any help pleaseee.

Robin Teo
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