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Thanks to everyone who responded to my thread. I have to appear in court on the 24th of this month! That's right, the day after Thanksgiving! Along with the ticket, he handed me a slip of paper from the Maumee Municipal Courthouse stating that any speeding violation, 90mph or over requires a mandatory court appearance. Now this friend of mine, who also got tagged just last weekend, also on the Ohio TPK but in Youngstown, was stopped for going 90 in a 65 and he doesn't have a mandatory court appearance! What gives?!?! Laws must differ from county to county in Ohio I guess. Well, I guess I must have made a mistake because when he had me pulled over, the first question he asked me is if I wanted to see his laser gun readout. I declined (basically, I just wanted to get the hell out of there and get to ND in time for kickoff!). So I'm not sure how much weight the whole laser gun thing will hold in court on Friday. I was told by a friend of mine who's an attorney to plead not guilty and fight it but this will mean having to drive back from Cincinnati all the way to Toledo for another hearing, etc...etc...Although if it's really worth it, I suppose I can afford to miss a day of work in order to keep my record clean. One more thing, I was told that 20mph or over in Ohio is wreckless operation but had he sighted me for W.O. he would have impounded the car, which he didn't and if I remember correctly, did not mark any wreckless op box on my citation. So I guess this means I'll only be facing two points? Oh, and one more thing...If I were to send a request to the prosecutor or whomever for the laser gun history, calibration, etc..I would do this in between my trial Friday and my next trial? Correct? Sounds like quite a plan! Well, thanks again guys for your help and if any of you can further advise me, I'd appreciate it greatly! And if you're ever in Cincinnati, bring your MB by the shop and I'll take care of you nicely!

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