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If it clears out and runs smooth with good fuel economy once it is warmed up I wouldn't worry about it. I've run injectors well over 300,000 miles without service of any kind with no ill effects.

You can check them by using an old injector line on one cylinder and bend it up so that an injector can be attached to it so it can be sprayed into a jar or something. Remove all injectors and connect them one at a time to this line and observe the spray pattern. It should be an even rose bud pattern. If not, you can disassemble the injectors one by one and soak the parts overnight in old fashioned, caustic, "boil 'em out" type carburetor cleaner then reassemble. Do them one by one so that there is no chance of interchanging parts among injectors. Cleaning them alone will almost always get the job done without having them checked for correct pressure. The pressure in a clean injector will usually be the same as new.

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