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Keep in mind that Ohio laws will differ from the laws in California, but I've had plenty of experience w/ tickets here in California. First off, the officer has written a vehicle code violation number somewhere on the ticket. There may be a brief description of the violation after the number. You will be able to confirm this by looking up the vehicle code violation number in the vehicle code book (should be available at your motor vehicle dept.). My quess is that if you had been charged with wreckless operation (which is a misdemeanor in California), you would have received some type of formal "notice to appear" in the mail. You were probable just given a speeding ticket, considered an infraction.
In order to avoid making two trips to Toledo, you may be able to "post bail" rather than go to your arraignment(the first court appearance - where you plead guilty or not guilty). Check the back of the ticket for instructions or call the court house. Tell them you want to plead "not-guilty" and
avoid arraignment. You can probably still mail your "bail" (the amount of the ticket - this is forfeited if you fail to appear at trial, in which case you will be found quilty by default and the court treats you bail as if you had paid the fine) as long as it is post-marked before your arraignment date. Then you will only need to go to Toledo once, for your trial.

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