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1. Pry off the cover at the end of the dash of the passenger side
2. Remove the screw holding the tweeter cover and lift the cover slightly until it clears the trim
3. Open the glovebox and slide a flat blade tool underneath the trim and lever it out slower - this is held by 3 fasteners - spring tensioned - starting from the left air vent. You can hear them clicks as they come out
4. Once you have released the 3 fastener, there are 2 more fasteners holding the trim in place. Slide the trim to the left towards the passenger door and pull out away from the dash
5. Undo the two screws holding the passenger air vent ( exposed by removing the trim )
6. Use two small screw drivers and lift the spring clips inside the air vent and ease the vent out.

This is for a RHD 210, so reverse the direction for a LHD 210.

I am still trying the centre air vent !!!

I hope this is useful.
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