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It may not be as bad...

just wanted to make sure the filters are not dripping oil.. according to their website, the filter uses dirt retention polymer and not oil.

I did some more search and I found out that RamFX is a new name for the more famous RamAir. RamAir is located in the UK ( and they claim to be the official filter supplier to the BTCC car race in Europe asnd the USA. below is a cut-n-paste from their website:

"Ramair AeriformŽ technology features advanced polyurethane filter material, impregnated with our unique polymer treatment (a Ramair development which is one step ahead of conventional filter oil), and bonded together to form a depth-type shield against airborne dirt. The various stages progressively filter out dirt particles, starting with the largest and continuing the process until the efficiency of the filter is up to 98.87% (confirmed by a government recognised testing body)"
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