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Angry Windshield Fluid not Spraying


Thanks again for your help in the past.

I got a minor problem, I was hoping if anyone had any suggestions.

Here is the problem.

I used my windshield fluid few days ago to clean the window. I didnt experience any problems.

Today, I tried to use the washer and the wiper worked fine but no fluid coming out.

Opened the hood and saw the Windshield fluid 1/2 full, I had someone push the windshield washer handle in to activate the fluid motor, I heard no sound from the bottom of the resarvoir tank. I dont know if it is supposed to be very quite.

I opened the fuse box, checked 3 fuses in the engine bay, and 2 fuses under the seat. They all look good.

I dont know if this had anything to do with the problem few days ago, I was looking at the Climate control numbers by pressing REST button for 15 seconds to read various setting such as engine temp and other data it provides, did this do anything, I dont think so, but wanted to mention this.

Thanks in advance for your advise and input.

1998 E 320
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