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Actually the 119 motor doesn't need the large oil filter socket that the 104 motors take. The Aluminum oil filter housing sits at the right front of the motor and is accessed from the top. The housing has a flat Aluminum lid on it held by a 13mm wrench size long bolt through the center. The little o-rings go on the bolt and the big one seals the lid.

The metal ring is for the pan plug.

The biggest problem I see on these filters is that unless very carefull you wind up with a mess as the filter is at an angle and pulling the top allows oil to run over and accumulate on the lower engine compartment cover. I would advise removing and cleaning that covers as it probably has the remains of numerous changes left on it.

I don't usually change oil but I have done a couple 500s. I think if you drain the engine oil and hold the top on as you remove the bolt, the oil will drain into the pan after the bolt is removed and then remove the top. I have never tried this as it takes too much time and the mess is easier to clean in a shop setting.

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