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Unhappy 1995 E420 poor performance with 92 octane

Gas here in Vancouver, BC peaked at 88.6 cents Canadian/liter yesterday, and has been hovering in the mid-80's for some low-fuel light came on a while ago, and this morning, I went to the station to get filled up...since the car was new, I have been using 94 octane consistently...but since gas prices were so high, I gave 92 octane a try...I didn't think it was a big deal, since the manual said anything about 91 octane was good enough...

Oddly enough, the car idled rough...and had odd hiccups ever so often (I am guessing this is knocking)...and when I put my feet down on the was not silky like before, but was harsh...and the engine lacked some sensor off in the car, or do I have to wait a while for the car to adjust to the new grade of gas? I didn't see any lights come on...I was under the assumption that many states in the US only have 92 octane as max, and many of you guys are running in E420's with 92 octane...and I have not heard any complaints around here concerning odd behaviour...and you guys are using it daily...I am guessin' emissions is the same between Canada and US cars...I find it a little odd...the car was in for a major service at the dealership a little under 5000km ago and the odometer has a little under 49,000km right now...all fluids were changed and the car has been running well lately with no problems at all...thanx for any insight...
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