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Personal Note - Good news, bad news

I have been a member at since very early 2000. Working for a sotware company with a 100Mbit network coupled with extremely fast typing skill I have been able to make quite a few posts. Most people go get coffee at coffee break while I am hammering the keyboard in mshop. On slow days I hammer even more.

In late 2000 the company had its first of MANY layoffs. We now employ about 15% of the number of employees that we employed three years ago. The company is now being bought and not all of us will survive the transition. I have been through not one but TWO significant paycuts in that time.

Faced with being on the street is not a happy thought. I have now landed a new and exciting job with another company. I will be making alot more money with great opportunities for further career growth. The timing has been extremely fortunate. So this is the good news.

The bad news is that I will be doing more business travel and unfortunately very little will be to Europe. European travel was the only thing that made the last few years bearable. I enjoy it very much.

Due to the added travel and the fact that I will office at home in the boondocks with a 26K baud dial up as best case connection, I regret that my mercedesshop participation will curtail HEAVILY.

I have enjoyed very much all the postings and the friends that I have made in the last 3 1/2 years thanks to mercedesshop. I have probably made about as many folks mad at me as I have that were happy with me, but that's just me.

I will not be disappearing from mshop, and will still try to get together with the mshop guys when I can, but I won't be logging in near as much.

Thanks to all of you for a lot of great information, friendly correspondence and spirited dialog.

Old MB guys never die, they just keep on swiggin' diesel fuel and makin' smoke.

Have a great day,
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