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Water Pump is only 2 yrs old,
pressure test reveals no leaks.
Coolant Chemical test reveals head gasket is not a problem.
Aux fans, both on, max speed.
Tried installing Guido's early fan activation device, fans come on sooner, but problem is after they come on, still hot. While I like Guido's mod, my problem is bigger than that.
Seems to be worse while driving, not at idle.

At Idle...100C (with ambient temp of 85F+) with A/C on

AT speed...110 to 115 with A/C on.

This car has always run cool! Rarely ever ran over 100C.
I mean max 105C at warp speed, A/C on, driving like a mad man in summer heat with ambient temp of 100F.

While I am interested in mods to fix the problem, I can't help believe that something is wrong. This car never needed a mod before.

Why is it suddenly a problem?

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