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Tranny swap question - 300TE

I am proposing to swap the faulty 722-359 transmission in my 300TE-24 (104 engine) for the good 722-320 trans from my donor car (86 300TE (103 engine)). I know the governors & valve blocks are different but the shift points seem virtually the same as in my other 300TE. The only external difference I can see is the addition of wires to a plug secured by a screwed retainer just forward of the modulator on the 722-359. Does anyone know what this is for and whether I can run without it? (Or even if I can swap whatever it is from the 359 to the 320). I have the ATSG service manual but can find no reference to it.
None of the cars is fitted with a catalytic converter if that is relevant.
Any help gratefully received.

90 300TE 24v (M104 eng) 207K miles
87 300TE (M103 eng) 269K miles (and never had the head off!)
86 300TE (M103 eng) 230K+ miles (donor car)
95 Toyota Lucida diesel 4wd
86 200T 165K miles (sold)
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