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Please, need answers.

I have four questions about my '95 C280 that I'd appreciate answers for.

1. There is an "oil" lamp in the instrument cluster that, according to the owners manual, is for oil level. Is there an indicator for oil pressure on this model?

2. I was checking my brakes the other day and saw that the front brakes have wear sensors. I didn't see any on the rear brakes. Are there any?

3. When I remove the air intake cross-over pipe from the air cleaner to the throttle, I see that there is a film of oil in and around the throttle and intake mainfold. The car runs great and doesn't use any oil. Is this a normal condition for this engine or is it a sign of blow-by or wear?

4. The owners manual states that the battery is "Maintenance Free". The battery that is in the car is a MB battery, but doesn't appear to be maintenance free. The caps unscrew and there is a graphic procedure for topping up and, I've had to top up recently. My guess is that the battery has been replaced (five years old. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any input. Rich Joseph


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