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Transmission questions!!


I have recently bought a 1985 126 280 SEL (Euro), and when I was looking around a friends 420 SEL, I noticed that he has a switch on the auto gear selector, for E and S modes. I was wondering if this was an option, as I dont have any selection switches at all! Can this be fitted?

Also when driving at 60 mph the engine speed is at 3000 rpm. Is this normal, as on my other cars 60 mph is around 2400 rpm. Also why do MB lock the torque converter at these higher speeds, or is my box faulty?

Finally what is 4matic? I wanted to change the diff oil, and when I went to get new oil, they asked me if it was 4matic, or had a limited slip diff, what is that?! how do I find out? I know my auto box is 4 speed, but nothing else!!

Sorry for the amount of questions, but I'm really stuck!!

Thanks for any help!!!


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