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Josie's Dad
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Hello everyone! Hope your all getting ready for Thanksgiving dinners and overdosing on football!

I have a 1989 (Federal) 300E. I went out and bought a Fluke 87 III and followed the instructions on a previous post regarding lamda readings. I put the red lead in pin #3 of the round diagnostic plug and gounded the other lead. I then set the meter to DC volts, hit the HZ button twice to show percentages, then hit the (((( button to change the polarity. Started the car and found the value to be right at 50% which I think is good. However, when the engine gets warm the value drops into the mid 30% range. I tried to adjust using the tower but no luck in making adjustments! My understanding is the lower the % the richer the fuel mixture vs the higher the % it is leaner. I don't know if my tower is defective so I bought a new one. But on the existing tower it looks likes it's held in by some sort of rivet. My replacement kit has two screw in bolts. I'm afraid if I break off the existing tower there might not be any threads to intall the new one. I know I'm getting long winded here but I would appreciate any help or suggestions on these issues. Thank you, Josie's Dad

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