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R12 or R134A replacement

After reading many articles on alternate refrigirants, I finally decided to take the plunge and switch over to Duracool R12A.
I have had it for only about a month, and so far the ac system seems to love it. The air from the vent is much colder than before and I don't see a drop in rpm's at iddle when the ac compressor kicks in. That should translate in fuel savings and less wear and tear on the ac compressor and the whole system.
Why is this happening ?
From the manufacturer web site ( :
It requires about 35 to 40 % less refrigirant than R12 or R134A.
The compressor will run at lower pressures to reach cooler temperatures.
It is compatible with any oils.
It is capable of dealing with small amounts of moisture.
It is competitive in price.
Since the pressures are lower, there will be less chances of leaks.
The switchover only cost what it would have cost to refill with R 134A.
For me , it has worked. (so far)
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