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Here you go...

Remove the air filter housing to gain access to the FD.

Fuel system has to be de-pressurised if it hasn't (if the car hasn't been run for awhile there will probably be no retained fuel pressure).Remove gas tank cap to be sure.

To remove the FD firstly involves removing the fuel line unions at the distributor itself - going to the injectors, fuel pressure regulator, cold start valve and fuel supply line.

You need to use open end spanners for each fuel line.

Expect a little fuel to spill out from these lines when you crack them open.

Unplug the wiring harness connected to the EHA valve (black box attached to the side of the FD).

Then you have to slacken and remove 3 Torx bolts which hold the FD down to the Air Flow Sensor.

The FD can be removed once the Torx bolts are out.

There is an O-ring seal between the FD and the Air Flow Sensor.

If you re-fit the FD, fit in a new O-ring seal.

I think it costs less than a dollar on the Fastlane.

You will save a bomb if you ever need to replace your FD.

One question - if the car is written off, can you salvage bits from it or do you have swap them part-for-part from your other cars?

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