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I installed a new belt tensioner and I can't get it to tighten. Here's what I notice:

-- the belt is routed as the old one was and as shown in diagram P20-5140-57 in procedure 20.1133-3120, except that my belt loops around an air pump pulley as well.

-- from the same diagram, it appears that the tensioner idler pulley should tighten counterclockwise relative to the big center bolt.

-- the 'springiness' of the tensioner as I installed it clockwise.

-- When I push down on the tensioning idler, rotating it counterclockwise vs the big center bolt, the indicator moves from the zero position *away* from the tension position; rather, the tensioner moves relative to the indicator.

-- I did not take note of the tensioning bolt during disassembly, but as it stands, it looks just as it should based on the inset diagram P13-5063-13 in diagram P13-5059-57 in procedure 13.1123-3450. Diagram P13-5059-57 shows strut bolt #3 going through the joint in the tensioning bolt. The diagram is unsigned, but it looks to be the work of M.C. Escher.

-- the fact that there's any tension indicates to me that the tensioner is engaged in the tensioning bolt.

I obviously did something wrong, or less likely, have the wrong tensioner.

Can any of you gurus tell what I did wrong?

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