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Vent System & Overheating - 1979 450 SLC

I have a 1979 450 SLC that I just purchased. I do not have complete maintenance records. Air only moves through the far left and far right vents and the defrost vents. No air comes throught the center 3 vents. Air only moves through the operating vents when the a/c is on. Are there electronically controlled baffles that redirect the airflow? Maybe a vent connection was accidentally disconnected? There is also a problem with the car running hot. I know that work was performed on the cooling system prior to my purchase without success. I have to assume that the mechanic checked the obvious (i.e., thermostat, blockage, etc.). I tested the antifreeze and it is up to par. It was mentioned to me that this could be related to the timing chain???? Do you think there is a relationship in someway between the two problems.

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