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Always though to say everything that will work, but, here is a couple answers.

First, the problem that you are trying to avoid is the exchage of flywheels. The original flywheel of any of those motors were balanced with the crank and balancer as a unit. Any replacement flywheel had to be balanced to the originals imbalance. So what you want is a manual trans motor with its original flywheel.

Second the intermediate plate for your motor 180.947 has the same part number as a 130.920 motor (a 280S) MB # 615 011 02 45. This means that your trans will bolt to any of these engines 180, 108, 127, 129, 130, and maybe others. The only other concern is the spline pattern of the clutch. I'm not sure of whether they are directly convertable. There should be something that would work.

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