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w210 possessed rear window

It think this may be the first symptom of the rear window regulator problem, but I thought I would ask:

Today, while on the phone and idling in a hospital parking garage as is one of my daily customs, I thought for sure a friend was playing tricks on me. I swear someone was knocking on the rear passenger door and hiding. Closer inspection revealed that there was nobody there... and I was in fact not going crazy.

As it turns out, the rear window regulator was going on and off all on it's own. I lowered the window all the way then watched it go on and off spastically until the window reached the top. At that time I heard the same noise I did origionally...the window motor going on and off while the window was wlready up.

This sure seems like an effective way to quickly burn up a motor. I am imagining there is a lose wire/contact somewhere. Does anyone know where? Is there any way to salvage the motor now before it burns out?
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