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Unhappy Trunk Light 1989 420 SEL not Working

My trunk light doesn't work and I'm wondering what the experts recommend to get it working? The bulb is good. The switch is good, tested with ohm meter. 3 wires go into the switch/light assembly: a brown, a red with white strip and brown red with white dots. I checked all 3 wires for voltage, no juice, ( volt meter neg. to ground and positive to all of the terminals). The wiring diagram says the red with white strip goes to fuse 15, and should provide the + volts. All other courtesy lights work and the antenna works. Funny thing is, the brown should go to ground, and it doesn't according to the ohm meter.

All 3 wires have one braided sheath, and merge into a large cable at the rear of the trunk and then the cable disappears behind the back seat, and then snakes under the floor. The sheaths look in good shape, no tears.

Where is the grounding point for the brown wire from the trunk light? Is there a junction point for the wire with red with white strip or should it run straight to the fuse box?

Any recommendations on how to trouble shoot this light?

1989 420 SEL
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