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i have been driving my 560sel since i purchased it in 1986. it has 250+k miles. it was my everyday car for most of its life.

i have a 1987 560sec with 82k miles. i only started driving this car 3 years ago at 52,000 miles.

i have a 1995 e320cab. 10k miles.

and a 1979 6.9 with 50k miles.

in april, i acquired a used 1997 s500coupe. with 20k miles. it is the more sophisticated chassis. it is the quietest. i think it may even be the fastest.

all the same, there are some things about it that cause me to think about selling it every day. one aspect that drives me crazy is that it has a center console that is like a box[unlike all the others - i even converted my e320cab to recover the open center and removed the passenger airbag, replacing it with a locking glovebox]. so, if you want to drive with a cup of coffee or tea, you have to lift the lid of the center console and drive with it upraised.

driver's seat has less travel than any of my other cars save for the 6.9. as with the 6.9, i am always wanting another inch of leg room.

seats are not as good as the others. the 6.9 and 560sel both have orthopedic seats and are much less fatiguing. 4 hours in the s500 is a more painful experience. and that includes the e320 and the 560sec.

this w140coupe also has more blind spots than all the others. it requires a lot more attention, especially when backing and changing lanes.

on the other hand, this w140coupe is a gorgeous car. i prefer it to the roadsters of the same vintage. it has luggage room. it runs more smoothly over road irregularities.

had i been able to live with and drive this w140car for a week, i might have passed it up. not having that luxury, because it was a one-owner car with a very elderly owner[woman], with no mileage, starmarked at a very fair price, i bought it. i agonized over the acquisition for 2 weeks before i wrote the check. i am still agonizing over it.

if i could uncover another one-owner, low mileage 1986/1987 560sec[in the right colors] i might divest myself of the w140.

if i do that, keep your eyes tuned to john olson's sl marketletter. it will be noticed there. it will have less than 25k miles. it will have a full starmark warranty. it will probably be priced at a nominal $40k.

it is immaculate and since i acquired it has been residing in an airconditioned garage.

lastly, still, when i want to make a high speed run for business[you can find my posts entitled WHAT A GREAT CAR] for any distance on back roads, i generally take my old blue beast, the 560sel with 250,000 miles. all i can say is, what a refrigerator of an automobile. always does it. very untempermental. very honest. i used to own and fly a beech baron - the 1986 560sel is a similar machine.

the 560sel has some creaks, but mostly they are from the right rear leather seat fretting and can be eliminated by the judicious application of lexol and/or connolly hide food[lubricant].

i trust that you will find this informative.

a votre sante,

a votre sante
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