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Got back from LA today


Just to let everybody know, I got back from LA today.
I flew down yesterday and drove the car back.
The mechanic did come through for me and they rebuilt the entire engine and rear suspension without a single charge to me. BTW, what a difference in handling a proper working suspension makes.
( well of cause you may say, but I had never experienced this before)

I have been awful busy at work and I have to catch up on sleep tonight but I will post a full and detailed update this weekend as I really appriciate all the good thoughts and comforting words this thread has offered me (and my wife).

My intent is to take the PO, Benjamin Kim to small claims court as I really do not think he should get away with it. I had him on the phone 2 weeks ago and he point blank said to me, "What do you think you are to me?". The other part is that I paid $13000 in cash, which I think is fair for a 63000 miles original one owner pristine car, and I have had several added expenses with unpaid time off work, additional repairs, flight expenses and lots of headache. Mr Kim needs to be held accountable.

I would like to ask Matt_Clarke for his advise and help in getting the small claims court filing started. My father in law is ready to render his account in court as well. Matt_Clarke, please feel free to email me directly at:
I realize I will have to set time aside to show in person.

For now I will get a good nights sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow.

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