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When you say you need brakes, that is a broad statement. If you only need pads you will find this to be the easiest brake job you ever did. If, on the other hand, you need rotors then sixto's advice will be helpful.

For pads simply remove the wheel, suck some fluid from the rear reservoir, drive out two pins that retain a leaf type spring holder, then pull out and replace the pads ONE AT A TIME. Pull one pad, pry or press the piston back into the bore and replace that pad, then pull the other pad and pry or press THAT piston back into the bore and insert that pad. If you pull both pads and then pry or push a piston back into its bore, it can force the opposite piston out past the seal lip and require caliper rebuild.

If the sensors are in good shape you shouldn't need to replace them, but if the dash light is on, then at least one has worn through and really should be replaced. The sensors are less than two dollars each and I make sure I have a set on hand before I tear things apart. I then replace the one(s) that are worn through. They simply pull out of a hole in the pad and can be removed from their connector on the other end with a pair of pliers by twisting and pulling. Make sure the new ones are firmly in place on the connector end.

It is also not a bad idea to open the bleed screw on the caliper you are working on to prevent the dirty fluid from being forced around the piston seals. If the system has been kept clean by thorough annual flushing, this step should not be necessary.

With the new pads in place, flush and bleed the entire system THOROUGHLY. If you will thoroughly flush the brake system annually you may very well drive the car for years and years without doing any hydraulic repair, only friction components.

If you are using the "two man" bleeding method, you may very well have to do it with the engine running to provide brake boost. Some of these cars just can't be "two man" bled without doing this.

Good luck and let us know how the job turns out.

Have a great day,
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