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Just thought I would update my high heat problem. At the end of July I had the dreaded broken neck on my rad. Changed the rad and the engine temps climbed to over 110C. Changed the viscous fan (new one just put in 3 years ago - only 7000 miles on it) and the temps stayed below 95C even on days with 90-95F outside temp on the highway. However - with the A/C on the temps still climbed to 105-108C. At 107C - my aux fan kicks on and holds the temp there. I added a bottle of Red Line Water Wetter to the rad and the temps always stay below 100C now even with the A/C on. Had a real hot muggy Sunday last weekend temps were about 98F with high humidity. Took the car on the highway for a 2 hour run at 100kph - the highest the temp got was 101C - while we were freezing with the air on full to test the loading on the engine to try and get the engine to overheat. I now am happy with the cooling I am getting on the 560sel. It appears that the viscous fan I put in 3 years ago was not up to snuff since new as now with the new one installed with the Water Wetter - I see a noticable difference in the high side engine temps - they are a lot lower. I haven't had this car running this cool for 3 years. As I drive the car now - when the engine temp hits 95C - you can hear the viscous fan howl until engine temp hits 90C then fades - my other fan did not do this. On real hot days when the engine temp is over 95C - the fan howls to keep engine cool - it works as it should. Hope this can help others with the notorious high heat syndrome.
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