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Donnie and William,

Thanks for the responses.

William, are you sure the pump is hard to get off on a five cylinder like it is on a four?

Luckily I have a head ready to go for this engine. I don't have cam and bearing stands, etc. I may pull the cam to see what it looks like before I go further. It may be time to get another engine or car.

This engine was sucking a good bit of oil before all this happened, but she was very good at keeping it full of oil.

I'm under the impression that since the engine WAS making good compression, that the cylinders/rings/pistons would be good enough to bother with the head.

I pushed this car into a short stall in my shop not knowing I was getting into major work. It looks like I need to move some cars around and get it in my work stall where I can use my walking beam and chain hoist.

Thanks again, any more thoughts are welcome. You've given me my "marching orders".

Happy Thanksgiving,

Larry Bible
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