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hey larrybible, i was looking through some of the older 123 posts and saw your original post where you decided to get the 300d for your daughter- its great to see that im not thte only teenager in a 123! My 280e is my first car (i had to buy it myself), and so far its been incredible. and hey, with a little work these things can look pretty nice - - mine looks exactly like this, only with 16" rims and the american bumpers.

81 280e
16" 8-holes
clear indicators, new exhaust/intake

stereo -
jvc head unit
6 infinity kappa coax's
aura mr675h 90x6
2 aura mr475's, 200x2 each
2 audiobahn aw1200s in a ported box
1f cap

not bad for a car older than me, huh
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