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I will attempt to respond to the various responses to my post.

Why do I need to replace rather than to repair?

These early SL clusters have an inherent design problem that causes them to reset at the drop of a hat. MB does not offer a repair nor replacement PC Board for the Cluster. They only offer the upgrade to the newer version with the all electronic odometer.

If I choose to repair it, what guarantee do I have that the problem won't come back? Yes, there will be a limited warranty on the repaired unit but it is intermittent and warranties only last a few months. So far I have an estimate of 375.00 plus shipping from the place in florida. Is there more than one shop in Florida? This one was "Auto and Truck Electronics" and I found them via a thread on this forum.

Once I pay 375.00 I am close to the value of a used new-style cluster so why not change it out... Yes, there is a risk that the replacement may have a problem...

My concern is that I want to maintain the accurate mileage even though my car has 152k... I don't want anyone to think I put a lower mileage unit in just to make the car younger.

Research has informed me that MB will ship a new unit with the corect mileage if I order it from them. Their price just knocks me over 1100-1400.00 is what I am hearing. The dealers have no way to set the miles, but MB could offer the service if they wanted to, but they'd rather you used a NEW part.

I have heard from someone that knows someone that will set it to whatever I want for a nominal fee... I will need this service if I replace with a used unit, but I'm not sure that I will want to know who actually set it for me. LOL

I am also hearing that the cluster from a 94-95 S series (140 class) will fit and work fine except I will need to move over the plastic strips for the warning lights.
This unit might be easier to locate on the used market.

Decisions, Decisions...

Of course, I need a new soft top more than I need the cluster fixed!!! I guess I can use the hard top till spring comes around!

Thanks for all the input.

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