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Thanks fort the reply Gilly,

Yes, I wish MB would be willing to reset a used cluster to my mileage so that my reading would then be accurate. I guess if they offered that service someone would always find a way to abuse it. Grr...

There is an auction on eBay now by a guy that calls himself pj who claims that the S series (140) cluster is the same unit except for the roll bar icon etc.

I've noticed that my SL has an oil LIGHT behind the oil pressure gauge that comes on if the pressure gets too low much like the fuel light does. My sending unit was bad and when I told my shop about the light they didn't realize it was there. I'm not talking about the oil LEVEL light on the icon row at the bottom of the cluster, but behind the pointer on the oil pressure gauge. Does anyons know if the S-140 clusters have this feature?
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