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HELP with W201 euro headlight install!

Ok, guys, I'm gonna take the plunge. I'm gonna do it! I'm going to roll up my sleeves and muster all the confidence I can to install these euros on my 190E since I cannot find a place that can or will do it for me. I've been reading about this topic and have done searches. Now, can someone tell me what the "city lights" are that I have read about? It's not referring to the main driving lights, is it? I understand there is a wire for it. Is this an optional thing for this installation? Because if it is, I'd rather not do it (sounds complicated). Also, is it imperative that I unplug the battery first? (If yes, do I unplug the positive(+) first?) Based on the info I got, this is what I'm supposed to do:

1. unplug battery
2. remove blinkers via the "spinning wheel" screw
3. remove bottom trim with 8mm and remove L-shaped rubber piece
4. remove bottom screw
5. remove 2 top screws
6. unplug US-spec 4-pin plug

Do I have it right so far? Now, about the bulbs, I just received my Hella H4s (80/100) today. Yay! Do the H4 and H3 bulbs just plug in to the euro light sockets?

What scares me the most is transferring the wires from the 4-pin plug tp the 6-pin plug. Is it easy? Just how easy is doing a euro installation? So far everything sounds "easy." However, that's the problem, I'm afraid that I might run into something using a soldering iron or having to get a new part. Here are the tools and material I need to work on this job:

1. 8mm + extention
2. long flat-head screwdriver
Anything else, like duct tape or razor knife? Thanks guys! Wish me luck!
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