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560 SL Heater/AC Fan

I am not sure of the problem here!

Let me try to express what's going on and maybe I can get the help I need.

The Fan on my air conditioning seems to cool the car but not overly so. It seems that it is always on low. The air doesn't roar out of the vents as on most cars . I realize that German cars are notorious for weak A/C but this is just not right.

Now when you go to Parts Shop there are 2 things for replacement: 1) the entire fan and motor assembly and 2) a Fan Control relay.

Question: How do you tell which you need?

As a DIY and not a good one at that my tendency is to pull the entire assembly and replace it and go from there. As I have learned you maybe should not do that. Sometimes the new stuff doesn't do as well as the old. Repairs sometimes are better than replacement.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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