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Good chance. The next appropriate step would be to look at the adaptation values and see how it busted that code. That code says that you have exceeded the limit of the cars capability to compensate for either too much or too little fuel.

It also has three different catagory of load that is watched lower partial, upper partial, and CTP (closed throttle position). By looking at the actual values one can tell where the limit was passed. This helps in diagnosing whether you have a MAF problem, an air leak problem, a fuel pressure problem, etc., etc.

There are a number of steps I take after finding such a code, but since I stock all the MAF meters, I usually reset the adaptations and do a road test and view the new values. I then replace the unit, readapt and drive the same road test and again look at the values.

Being a 96 you very likely have a HFM car and as such the ability to do the retest after adaptation isn't possible in the short run as the HFM car takes a couple weeks to readapt unless you do it on a dyno where the conditions can exactly be produced.
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