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Steve or Benzmac, and anyone else:Help: Parts ID on 450 SEL


Have 77 450 SEL German spec model pristine with only 64K.


One of my evident fuel delivery system parts got a broken hose over weekend, and I need to repalce. Evenb upon visiual inspection, local MB parts guy was at a loss. Tried to sell me an injector, which it isn,t.

This has Bosch part no. on it:

0280-150-036 on one side ofmyellow plastic part in middle, and number 086 on other side.

On yellow plastic ring base in middle is: 451.

Part is about 4 inches long, largely metal, heavy, and is last item fitted between main left fuel hose and metal hose which then goes into (not out of) fuel distributor. It sits right on top of front end of engine (M117). Rear end goes easily into the long fuel hose, and front end of housing has a built-in short (2-inch) hose which goes into metal receptacle leading to line into fuel distributor. It is NOT and injector!!!!

Seems that the short hose end is securely fastened into the item. The item has an electrical connector. I unhooked the wire plug before removal. And plugged the end of fuel line feeding it.

What happened: due to age and Florida heat, the short end of hose cracked and started leaking gas. Before that, was brittle. And I think I was slowly losing engine performance from it's loss of pressure, etc.


1. What is this part?

2. Where can I get it?

3. How much?

4. And do you think the hose's slow cracking impeded on engine eprformance?

5. Also: Can short hose end be at all separated from the unit, and replaced (how), so that I don't have to replace entire thing?

this is of course a K-tronic system.

Your quick answers will be most appreciated, since I need to get mobile again.


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