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I believe you are really a good person who wants people supplying a service to you to make at least an reasonable living.
I would like to explain to you and others what a compotenet inde has to go through to make repairs to your car. We will use your example and go through what will happen and some of the things involved. I don't know where you took your car so I will use my shop as an example.
You call to make an appointment to have your car repaired. You state you want a neutral safty switch install because your car won't start and you will bring your own parts and have the car towed in.
Someone has to log the appointment and get all the information documented. ($)
The car arrives and is placed in the lot by the tow truck driver.
The job is assigned to a tech (in my shop, that would be me). The car has to be pushed, pulled, whatever to get it inside. (time)
I would do some preliminary checks to make sure there wasn't something else wrong also. (time). Determine the problem is only the NS switch so get the car setup on the lift (time). Get the car ready for the work. (un hook battery, etc). By the way, the lift cost me $4000 just so I could work on cars. Spend 15 min replacing the switch (no way) after I clean off all the mud and grease. Rehook the battery and test. Raise care again and fine adjust so all functions work correctly. Let car down and remove from lift. Take car for a short test drive to make sure every thing is in order. Park the car and make sure there are no grease prints or dirt on the floor mats. Go inside and do the paper work and call you to let you know the car is ready and all is well.

You come to get the car. I stop what I am doing to explain that every thing is AOK.
You pay, and leave.
I am now finished with the job.

Now did I over charge if i charged 1.5 hours when I probably spent a total of 2 hours of my time working on and dealing with your car. and I didn't even get to make my 40% markup on the part.

Now please think about this.

I spend $1000 per month for rent on the building (I get a deal)
I have to have libality insurance.
I used a $4000 lift.
I used a $6900 piece of equipment to check the electrical system to make sure that was really your problem.
I spend about $200 per month just for hand tools.
I have all those utility bills like tele,power, etc
I have to have shop supplies (rags, cleaner, etc)
AND I have to clean up the mess when all this is finished.

Now, please pay the shop and tell his thanks and remember the next time you have a problem, take your car to someone you trust, pay him, and say thanks.

Paul McKechnie
Paul's Auto Electric
84 500 SEL (307,xxx miles)
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