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I finally had some time to troubleshoot the A/C.

Steve or anybody else...
I guess things got worse. When I jumped the klima relay, the A/C clutch engages but fuse #7 blows within 2-3 seconds.
I measured the resistance of the speed sensor and I got .840 k ohms? between terminals # 9 and 11 (at the AC relay) and also at terminals #1 and 2 (at the compressor). The resistance of the clutch coil measured between terminal #3 (at the compressor) and its ground on top of the compressor, and it measured .5 ohms.
Furthermore, with the engine on, I checked for battery voltage at the wire to the compressor clutch, unplugged from the clutch, and there was voltage. No blown fuse. I plugged the wire and the fuse blew.
Do my readings make sense? and is it the clutch or the speed sensor?
'86 300E
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