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pezzy - I know where St Simons is. I have some friends that live there and I lived in Savannah for a period of time. Suggestion on the bolts - do not worry too much about saving them. You will more than likely destroy them getting them off. I would plan on replacing all of them along with the gaskets. If you can afford it, I would suggest replacing everything except the cat. if it is still in good condition.

Another thought - if you only drive around St Simons (short trips)then this is probably the worst thing you can do to an exhaust system. You see the exhaust gases condense inside the exhaust system and then it does not get good and hot to "boil" the condensate out of the system. The condensate stays in the exhaust system where it will make it rust faster. I did not see how much milage you have but this may have been just a carry over from the previous owners driving habits. I purchased my E320 used at 81k and the records show that the following exhaust items were replaced at 74k (p/n 124-491-21-00 and 124-491-08-00) because it says there was a "crack along 2nd half of exhaust". I am not sure exactly which sections these were but the cost was $346.00 each item - from the dealer. Labor shows up at under $150. I do not know where you can find the stainless exhaust system.
good luck
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