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thanks 2phast! hey, I've been to your site! Your 190E is awesome, and I just love what you have done to it. Wow, you know a lot! I won't disconnect the battery then. But I can't do my install this week because just earlier I was looking at the 6-pin connector and the bulbs and seeing how they fit into each unit. I'm having second thoughts about plugging in the generic blue-tinted "HID" look H3 bulb I got. For one, after reading up, I think the 100watt H3 is too high. I'm afraid it may cause some problems. In addition, the blue tint was flaking off at the tip! I'm gonna order standard H3s from Performance Products. Any watt recommendations????? I received my H4 (12V 80/100) from PP and was wondering how I secure it to the unit. THe H3 was straight forward; it was easily secured by the wire that locks into the 2 nooks. However, I was not able to secure the H4. I see that there is a similar wire that locks into a nook. But once the H4 is in place, the wire will not lock into the nook due to the odd shape of it. Am I supposed to force the wire down into the nook?

So, more questions!

1. What H3 wattage recommendation
2. How do I secure the H4 bulb?
3. Can I leave the city light socket empty?

Many thanks again!
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