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I haven't looked at the Mercedes apporved ATF list recently, but a few months ago:

Castrol Dexron-III Mercon ATF F-30341
Castrol Transmax M-22257/22096
Chevron ATF Dexron-III F-30108/30159
Citgo Multi-Purpose ATF D-21571
Exxon Superflo ATF Dexron-III F-30111
Havoline ATF Mercon/Dexron-III F-30321
Pennzoil ATF D-21380
Pennzoil ATF F-30110
Quaker State Dexron-III/Mercon F-30161
Sunoco ATF Dexron-III/Mercon F-30176
Texaco ATF Mercon/Dexron-III F-30321
Unocal Multi-Purpose ATF D-22413/22431
Valvoline ATF Type D

For use on MD Transmission except Type 722.6 (electronic), 4-matic or model 163 transfer cases and of course MD manuals.

Red-line synthetic was on the list many years ago, but synthetics weren't on this list.

If you city drive a fair amount then change it at the "severe service" intereval (1/2 of normal). Change the filter (use either OEM or MB see the parts folks at this web site) and drain the torque convertor at the same time. Maintain surgical cleanliness and all will be okay. No paper towels. Use only lint free towels. etc

Oh by the way, does anybody know where Mercedes keeps their list of approved service products on the web (if they do)?

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