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Unhappy bottoming suspension??

1994 Euro C180 with 194,000kms. Was on the road just today with total of 4 people who weighed approx. 330kg . We had to negotiate a very winding and uphill/downhill road to a golf course. The road appeared to be extraordinarily rough and the rattles really annoyed me. Noises in the driver's door, under the dash and in the engine bay. It felt like the car was riding on the pads and not on the springs and the shocks didn't seem to be cushioning much of the rough road surface. How would I know its time to change shocks and/or springs or both. The rear shocks do appear to have some wetness/leak stains near the overlapping tubes. The wetness does not look bad, just damp and could have been there a long time. If I changed the shocks, do I have to also change the springs? Do I have to do all four corners? Alignments too? Would new shocks feel harder? I want something softer and more comfortable. Can someone give me the part nos. so I can ask for the price? Driving alone feels best in this low powered and overweight car. If I had 1 passenger, thats also ok, but more than 1 it begins to feel like really hard work. Thanks.
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