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Let me get an opinion from some of you gurus. My 1984 300SD has 174K miles.

My problem(s): it's really slow to shift from reverse to drive when it's cold. For the first couple hundred feet, it will slip and come out of gear, but only if I begin in reverse, then shift into drive. If I start out in drive I'm fine. It does shift a bit sharply, enough that I can chirp the tires during upshifts in curves.

My questions:
Would it be a good idea for me to switch to synthetic ATF?
Are there issues with increased leakage similar to high mileage engines and synthetic engine oil?
I've seen Quaker State makes a synthetic blend ATF. Can I add this as I need, to top off my ATF? (I am losing some ATF now, not sure where.)
Or should I go for the Redline by way of a full fluid and filter change?
Also, how long might I expect my tranny to last before it suffers catastrophic failure? My shop suggests a rebuild, but I'm in the position that the $1500-2200 this would cost is something that I'd seriously have to budget for.

Any thoughts appreciated.
Thanks guys.

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